Sunday, September 14, 2008


Thirsty Saturday night in a crowd of simpler beings. Nothing was new and hence the spectacle that the light taking the stage was, wasn’t too much of a surprise except to the little ones that stared in surprise for a minute, understood worthlessness like a mating call and lost interest in the snap of a finger or two. But as a relative newbie, I wagged my arms in the air, flagging a poor cousin bulb of the light that was taking the stage; poor cousin; he wasn’t taking the inferiority too well; the closer the light got to the stage, the dimmer he burned; mutinous or defeated, I could not figure.

I must describe his or her walk; slicker than a biro on ruler. And when in circles, like the unnoticeable this ways and thats of a stalwart lover’s eyes. As uncanny as my comparisons may seem to you, I but have to put down my knee-weaknesses when he or she rose to the podium before I forget and turn a simpler, tired, bummed, overfed, non-working, complaining family man of a government servant; a commandeering species.

On the dais, he welled in a flick, commanding a hush that worked a square stop button on each; eyeless or eyed.

So! Because there is a tomorrow, we meet again. At this August American pause, I should like to show you where and what a simple holiday from home could give you.

“We call it life”, parroted the three eyed, ashen-blue, mat-haired dancer in front of me. “Thank you.” said he.

Sure, Mister Mercenary; shouldn’t we respect the ones that do not know their options?

“Well, since it is about options, why don’t we ever get to hear about the other one; to just…stay?”

Well, don’t we all wish to be wanderers? To see the world?

“Yes; or just get back as sore losers, beat and smaller.”

Hush. So. As we were talking. Life!

A picture of earth pops out of nowhere, a disco ball that looks just as sexy when viewed as versions “frequencies of crime and hate” or “obituaries, the world over”.   

As always, life had little takers. But small and thick as humans were, a bevy of them choose to lay down their heads in easy surrender, like pumpkins or beans. And like the simpler beings that fell to earth before, with and after, so did I. 


Sap said...

Finally an animal post i liked! Good good!

reminds me of something this post...

Arun Sethuraman said...

@sap: thankyouthankyou! and reminds you of what?!