Sunday, October 14, 2007


Did you know that he had wings of gold? They blinded my eye with their sunny feathers, yah! And when he fell through my thatch of thirty one years and four months, I could not ready myself to face such a fine boy who was now lying like a police-beaten thug in a bloody sack. But I had to, you know? I mean, I wasn’t all that selfish as you possibly think I am; I just couldn’t sit put and do my dishes when I knew that there was such a fine creature, a godsend, a lost puppy. I took him a bowl of gruel and threw in a couple of raisins that I had saved for special day. And I knelt before his broken figure and not looking, I held the bowl to the bright boy’s bosom. But he wouldn’t stir; I knew that Gods ate five courses. Darned egotists! But this was all that I had, okay?
Take it or leave it, I screamed, puckering up my old bones in one relatively swift pucker. The next instant, I knew I had spoken too much and fell back on my knees and washed his bruised knees in my vainglorious tears. I was beaten. I cried to him not to take me away from life.
O please have mercy! I am not ready to go to heaven yet! Or have I wronged so much to deserve hell? Oh...Don’t take me away. I will give you anything you want...Oh you want another raisin? Take it! But I don’t have any more. But please don’t take me away from this life! It’s all I’ve ever had! I could give you my ring o’ gold. But that’s all I have other than my life that I don’t wanna give and I can see that you don’t quite need any gold yourself. But oh what a fool I am! Here! Take it!
And I struggled my ring out but it wouldn’t come off easy; I don’t know how many years of fat had snuggled it into my finger and I smiled sheepishly as he wouldn’t even inch in acknowledgement. Alas! My time had come. I fell back at his feet and wept more. And that was when he moved! Oh I’d moved them gods! I really had! I felt my life jump back in like Napoleon!
Oh you moved! What do you want, Godboy? Tell me! Please tell me! I knew it was the raisin you wanted! Here! Take one!
Take me outside, said he.
Of course you shall go outside if you want to go outside, said I!
I packed my Napoleon and my bones back into my saved body and heaved the boy of gold over my shoulders. And I felt like one of those old foible men from Greece or Rome or whatever, I tell you. He was heavier than he looked; Li’l milker Jimmy who was goat-cheese fed would’ve weighed lesser, said my soul. But had I a choice? I wobbled in a stroke-hit-man’s tread and reached him to the outside in only godboy-knows-how-much time. And in one instant, I knew that I had carried the whole world on my shoulders, yah!
And once outside, I knew I was blinder than goldboy-godboy-blind. ‘cos there he was; I don’t know who but sensed he was all fired up; more fired than the boy that weighed ten thousand souls. And he bellowed to me and I could not look! Can you believe what he said to me?! He told me to let go!
And afore you know, I was weeping and my hero inside had ridden away on his clipper-clopper to Elba. But I don’t want to, GodGod! O please! I don’t want to let go! I love this life, said I!
How much, said he?
As much GodGod love your little boy, here, yah!
And his laughter, I tell you, was heard four miles away, I hear, that woke up Jimmy’s daddy’s fat hams that were oinking like hell now. But the whole damned macdonald’s was a hollering now! And the big daddy god wouldn’t just stop laughing you know!
And in a flash, something hit me. I presumed it was a lightnin’, sent specially to make me let go, cos it hit me real bad and I was wailing louder than the bloody farm! I didn’t realise that I had dropped the tonner boy in the process of hiding myself from I don’t know what. And in another flash, the boy’s gold wings were all liquid and flowy, yah!
The boy whimpered and held his hand out to me, like a little babe, yah. And that was when I saw what was goin’ on! The big GodGod wanted me to let go of the boy and not my Born-aparter! I wailed in shock and hobbled to save my little godsend boy. But he was already melting in front of my eyes. Like icecream on a midday barbeque! And before I knew, he was gone. I wiped my bat-blind eyes and he was gone! I scoured the shifty sands for goldboy’s dust and all I could see was nothing.
GodGod had taken my boy away from me, yah.
O my goldboy is gone! My goldboy is gone!


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