Friday, August 10, 2007

Going Back

The sands under his feet grew from a wind-blown-freedom to the bondage of brine; the loftiness of the mingled cosmopolitan stench to a simple seaward breeze of fish and water. And today, it both benumbed and surprised him that there was no one behind him. His skinny brown legs shone in a film of sweat and sea-side moisture. He was panting. The walk had been a long one. He breathed and threw his stick away and dropped on the slipping sand like a cripple with a severed third leg. A lonely dirty white crab ducked into a mysterious hole and peeped stealthily to watch for an approaching sea-food-wave. He threw his round rimmed glasses into a gargle of sand and recoiling waves; it stumbled and disappeared like a smothered wisp in a quicksand. Somewhere in the distance, a choir of starving children brimmed with an innocent pride as they scaled the mixed and matched notes of a song that had once made his people glow with an inward pleasure of their life and birth. And when the song ended, he could hear the applause like a distant lit string of firecrackers. And out of the faraway trees and into the unfortunate dirtiness of the modern life, there rose a bunched-something on a pole. It rose in spurts, evidently from spasmodic pulling below. And as the firecrackers roared on, the bundle came undone in a burst of petals. Someone let loose a lost white dove that fluttered into the clasps of a hungry unseen passerby hawk. The applause grew louder as the bundle grew into the fullness of a lush-military-green, the dying-dove-white and dried-blood-saffron. The seaside wind dragged it in tugs. He could smell the tears of happy smiles. They were the people of god; Harijans. He had been there before.

The wetness of the sands seeped into the folds of his dhoti like a blotch on a blotter.

He bled from a wound that had killed him. It was borne of hatred and pickled in a leaden bullet. It did not sting him any more.

He stood up and walked into the sea.

He was going back.


Nivedhitha said...

:-) lovely.

one day? n am the first to comment? guess its the 'going back to BITS' funda.

Very Much Aswini said...

endaapa ishwara! nadanthu nadanthu mooti vali thaan vanthurkum.

Arun said...

and blah one reads only i think these days...sigh...adhuvum, i've removed my approval request thingy too...anyone can comment...and yet no one does![:x]
@whiny:**slaps forehead!**

Sathia said...

Thought of having a dictionary aside whenever I read ur blog. From where, u got all such huge collection of complex english words and the power of retreiving it from the database of ur brain ?!..

Tell me the trade secret sir ;);)

Arun said...

@sathia:hehe!no trade secret!chumma apdi apdi ezhudardhu dhan![:)]
thanks a ton anyway!read on!