Monday, November 27, 2006

Aditya Hrdayam

My first attempt at posting a translation of a Sanskrit work, the "Aditya Hrdayam" or the "Heart of the Sun"
A wonderful monologue by sage Agastya to Rama on the field of battle.
Goose pimples!
When he had come to see the battle,
Having seen Rama lost in thought and sad,
As against Ravana who was ready for another duel,
He set off for the battle field!

Joined by all the Gods,
On his arrival,
The sage of the Gods, Agastya,
Said thus to Rama.

“Oh Rama, Rama, Oh great one!
Listen to the truth of war.
You can win the world,
From all your enemies!
The blessing of the heart of the sun,
Destroys every enemy,
And victory shall come,
And the boons of a sacrifice,
The ultimate Godliness.

All goodness and happiness,
The end of all sins,
The destruction of all worry and sadness,
The coming of health, worship-worth and supreme!

The Holy one whose rays rise between the mountains,
The one that all the demons and gods worship,
Pray to the holy sun,
The Sun, the God of the Earth!

To all the souls of the Gods,
The one that brings warmth from his rays,
To all the people, Gods and demons,
He who protects them all!

The same to Brahma(the creator), Vishnu(the protector) and Shiva(the destroyer),
Skanda(the brave son of Shiva), Prajapati(the God of all creatures),
Indra(the King of the Gods), Dhanadah(Kubera, the God of wealth),
Kala(the God of time), Yama(the God of Justice and Death), Soma(the God of elixirs),
Apa(the God of Fire)!

Pitarah(The holy ancestors), Vasava(Indra), Sandhya(the god of the Evening),
Ashwin(The God of the Horses), Maruti(Hanuman, the God of Apes),
Manu(The father of the Human race), Vayu(The God of the Winds),
Vanhi(The Goddess of Fire), Praja(Strength), Prana(Energy from which life is born), Ruthu(The Seasons), Karta(Fate) - Prabhakara(The one that brings beauty, the sun!)

Aditya(The son of Aditi), Savita(The God of the Sunset and Sunrise!), Surya(The sun himself!), with brilliant wings, who rises like the golden flower, with golden rays, the sun, the God of the Days, with Golden hands!

The one with the thousand hands, the God of the seven senses, the god who brings happiness, and the Lord that dispels ignorance, The Sun!

The One born of a womb of gold, the bringer of the dew drops, The Fire, The Bhaskara, The Ravi, The sun! The one who was born of fire, the son of Aditi, the blower of the conch of morning, of dews, the destruction of ignorance!

The god of the spaces, The killer of darkness, The master of the three Vedas, Rig, Yajur and Sama; The bringer of the showers, The friend of the waters, The one that rises beautiful in the Vindhya ranges.

The one who created life and the cosmos, the reddish brown one who is consumed all in fire, He is the greatest poet, the creator, with his brilliance and light, that is red and brown, the one that makes everything happen!

He is the Lord of the Stars and the Planets and all heavenly bodies and all other suns, the giver of light to the very light, the Sun that manifests in all its twelve forms, I pray to you!

I pray to you, the Lord that rises in the East, and sets in the West, I pray! I pray to you, the Lord of the Bodies of light, the lord of the day!

The Victorious one, the bringer of Victory, the one driven by yellow horses, I salute you!
I pray to you, the one with a thousand rays, Aditya, the rising one, I salute you!

Oh fierce one, Oh Hero, Oh fast one, I salute you!
The one that makes the lotus bloom, the one who is omnipresent, I pray to you!

Salutations to you, the Lord of Brahma, Shiva and Achyuta, To Surya, Aditya,
The one that consumes all, the one that is a form of Rudra!(The Lord of Anger!)

The destroyer of darkness, the bringer of the golden light, the winner of obstacles, the endless soul! The maker of life, the lord of the fire, the father of the light, I salute you!

The one that shines like molten gold, The one that is fire, the creator of the Universe, I salute you, the killer of darkness, the most beautiful and desirous one, by the truth of all!

The one that destroys all and one that creates and protects everything anew! The one that heats the water, makes it vapour, and makes it rain again!
Salutations to the one that stays awake even in the hearts of those asleep, He who is the blessing of the Agnihotram(Offerings to the Fire) and the fruit of the offerings as well!

He who is the Vedas, everything that happens, the fruit of everything that happens, he who lets everything happen by the hands of people, the Lord who protects it all!

Oh Raghava!(One of the race of Raghu), he who recites this hymn, in times of danger, affliction, or in fear, will never fail or fall!

Worship him, the one that is the Lord of all the Lords of Lords! Having recited this thrice, you will win the war!

And this instant, Oh great one! You will kill Ravana!”
Having said thus, the great Agastya, went the way he came.

Having heard of the greatness of the Sun, Raghava(One of the race of Raghu), who was down with sadness and loss, became greatly delighted!

Staring at the wonderful Sun, he attained the supreme blessings! And having sipped water three times, he lifted his bow!

And on seeing Ravana, he entered the field of battle; leaving behind all inhibitions, he left to destroy him!

And at that moment, the great one, Surya, knowing that it was time for the destruction of the evil lord of the night, the Sun, who was the center of the heaven, said thus to Rama, “Go ahead at a medium pace!”
Still goose pimpled!


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Excellent translation. Captures the piety of the original. Expecting more such gems...