Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nalladhor Veenai...

One ought to define one’s mother-tongue as the language in which one thinks. I am proud to think in Tamizh and am ashamed that I can’t even spell “Tamizh” right in English.
Here’s an attempted translation of one of those many beautiful pieces that make me proud of my roots; that brought tears to my mother’s eyes…to mine too.

Nalladhor Veenai by Subrahmanya Bharathi

Having created a good Veena,
Does one throw it to rot in the dust?
Tell me, O Shivashakthi!
Having created me with luminous wisdom,
Would you give me the strength to reap the fruits of this land;
Tell me, O Shivashakthi!
Or would you make me a burden to this land?

Like a spun ball, I ask for the body to go the way the mind commands it;
I ask for an unspoiled mind;
A life that always shines anew;
I ask for a heart that can sing the praise of Shivashakthi, even when the skin adorns fire;
I ask for unshakeable knowledge;
- Is there an obstacle to your blessing me with all these?


me said...

i sugest u post the poem as well. blogger recognizes tamizh font. copy paste it from some link.

rest in mail.

Arun Sethuraman said...

shall try...[:)]