Thursday, November 17, 2005


Jalaja felt his arms in her tresses. She popped out of her little air bungalow…she lay there, like a water nymph, her long black hair flowing over the silken sheets. He touched her again and she giggled as a wave of goose pimples shone like a bejeweled morning pond on her tan. She opened her little eyes to see the man she had made love to. He smiled back at her. She lay still, her nose ring glinting as she breathed in the familiar jasmined air. She closed her eyes and dreamt again.

She saw herself on a pretty palanquin, borne by burly young men with twirled moustaches. She saw the rows of people stare at her veiled face. She chewed on a foreign fruit while she passed the trees. Everything belonged to her. The people, their hearts, the fruits, their trees, the jewels, their shines, the smiles, the tears, the air and its flavours. She belonged there. They belonged to her.

She opened her eyes again, as she heard the door closing. He always had to leave early. She smelt the air. It was still dark. She draped the silk clumsily as it slid off her sunshine skin. The cows mooed in the distance, as their owners tugged at their udders. It was still dark.

Jalaja bunned her hair. It smelt of the same jasmine. A tear trickled down her little eye. She sniffed it away and counted the notes by her drapes.


prasanna venkatesh.b said...

nice it indicative of the author's mood??
yah we must go back to tiruvannamalai.will make u more famous by inviting a couple of my friends to look at ur blog.

Arun Sethuraman said...

thanks da![:)]and i forced myself to write this after a long spell of nothingness...and it was sad when i couldn't build the story beyond a couple of hundred words...but's a start after a writer's block![:)]

soumi said...

Hey da! Thats a nice one ... nice to see that you have been updating your blog ..Btw have always wondered, how do you choose the names of tha characters in you story? Mindless - or do you give in some thought ?

Arun Sethuraman said...

there's actually loads of thought that goes into it![:)]kinda make sure that it's the right name for the person...and the story fits with it too...[:)]love sanskrit for all the words!

me said...

i thought u started yahoo blogging! nice one btw ... but pretty sad -- guess its due to the ooong break u gave urself? or was it after ds??

Goyal said...


Arun Sethuraman said...

thanks a ton guys!:)

Finch, Scout said...

goosebump-level goodstuff.

more i say!