Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Supper time!

Supper time sure is fun and glaze!
With squeaky plates and steamy grub,
But some times there are those bad hair days,
When evil just gets out of tub!

He spreads his arms like a veil all blue,
And bathes the house in dripping mane.
Dancing all mad, he runs askew.
And gnaws and chews…The dumb dane!

His golden wisps, they fly like bees,
And fill the air, like a whiff of lemon.
“Eep!” Look up the blood-sate fleas,
As Fluff noses his food and nods when done!


Hemamalini said...

for when he is done,
it is time to run?;)

Gounder Brownie said...

is this blog dead?