Friday, June 10, 2005

The Saviour...

I’m too young for the cycle to get back to the good old days…But then I guess that some things amuse you the same way as they did, when you were young enough!

Scene: Just another normal road in just another normal city.
Time: The birds are chirping…the vehicle are whirring by…it’s a lovely Sunday morning…

All’s well! (Laughter in the hall! For nothing at all! Just like in just another normal humour drama on TV!)
Well, at least not all!

(The camera sweeps across the street to the entrance of just another normal bank!)
Black guys in their black suits and screaming funny refrains ‘terrorise’ the public with their mean laughter and their funny dialogues that are always in the third person! The woman across the street puts her hand across her mouth and screams “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!”(Laughter again!)

(Thunder! Lightning! Whirlwind! Every one stares up into the sky; even the black bad guys with their victims still in their clutches!)
Is it a kite? Is it a bird?
No! It’s Shaktimaan!(Rolling…)

Reporters swarm out of nowhere to the scene, as Shaktimaan ‘biff’s and ‘thump’s and ‘bang’s and ‘plop’s the bad black guys! Snap! Snap!(ROLLING!!!!!)
The evil guy behind the bad black gang’s master-plan becomes visible all of a sudden, with an evil laughter…(Thud! I’ve fallen off the chair! The guy is clad in a brown skirt, has long unkempt hair, wears a skull around his neck, a bone for a hair-clip, blood-red kumkum on his forehead and a very badly crafted card-board trident! Not to forget, the Dracula teeth!)
“Muhahahahaha! Naan dhan Kabala! Indha Kabalakke savaala? Enna pandrannu paar, indha Kabala!”

Funny yellow rays of laser zoom out of his eyes and they don’t even scratch out super hero! There stands Shaktimaan, strong as a rock,with his ‘kundalini’ shakthi!(Hehehehehehe!)

(People are already chanting the name of our super hero! “Shaktimaan!””Shakthimaan!”
And in a lonely corner, stands our super hero’s secret admirer and christener, the reporter, Ms.Geeta Biswas, who’s already in love with him! She stares at his muscles( unfortunately there are none…only folds of the maroon and gold outfit that seem more like an oversized gown!) She stares at his handsome face…(Mukesh Khanna…the uncle’s only 60!) She wonders at his style!(Duh?!) Love! Aaaaaaaah! SHE HAS TO HAVE HIM! Arrrrr!(Choke! Cough! Puke!)
She swoons…)

Thunder! Lightning! Whirlwind!(again!)
Shaktimaan’s holding her in his arms, the next moment! They stare into each others eyes…how romantic!(=)) =)) =)) )
He sets her on her feet again…Then gets back to the already enraged Kabala.

“Daaaaai!!Enna pandrannu paar indha Kabala!”

The next moment, he turns into an extremely hideous monster!(=)) =)) =)) ) Tentacles sprouting out of every inch of the rubber costume, rubber teeth, oh so white, rubber eyes that roll too!(Congrats Mr. Propman! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!)
Everyone stares at the creature with terrified eyes!!!(Aaaah! My stomach aches!!!!)
Have no fear; while Shaktimaan’s here!

Our super hero flies to battle the creature…Biff! Boom! Thud! Dishoom!
There’s blood everywhere! The creature’s dead! Kabala appears out of the rubber suit…He’s too bushed…Wants to save the rest for another day…
“Naan innikku poren…Onna indha Kabala thirumba sandhippan, Shaktimaan!”
A flash! Kabala’s gone!
(The funny harpy tune in the background!)
Everything’s back to normal again!
All thanks to Shaktimaan!
Everyone goes back to their work in the just-another-normal city…Except Geeta…Love! Sigh!(Gimme water!!!!)
The show ends…
But wait! There’s more!
Shaktimaan appears on screen again!
“Do you know the secret of my strength? I eat 15 tonnes of healthy veggies everyday and drink 15 gallons of milk! So kids! If you want to be like me, then you too have to eat loads of healthy foods!...”
A power cut!
I love the electricity board! I am very much proud of you!(=)) )Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


Arun Sethuraman said...

For people who want to relive the magic of Shaktimaan, please watch POGO, everyday, through this month at 6:30 PM!

paviths said...

haha!!positively funny!!cant bleev i used to religiously watch this piece of shit not very long back!(it was saturday 11:30..DD1 back then!:P)

Arun Sethuraman said...

so did i!!![:D] fond memories!

me said...

arun... i am "very much" proud of u!!! lol!!! =))


Gounder Brownie said...

Oh I remember we were all made to sit inside Silver Jubilee hall for some program and they played the Shaktimaan ad on the projector...I remember laughing my head off..I think Nivy was there too!

Arun Sethuraman said...

It sure is funny!

For people who've missed loads of episodes...well, electric man's is stone i think that tamraj kilvishan is trying something new![=))]