Saturday, June 11, 2005

Anaahat Naad!

There are two classes of sounds or naads. (Flicked this from the lessons learnt in MUSIC N111T i.e. Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music I(Vocal) Might sound like too much blah…chuck this para and read on without any loss of continuity!)The aahat naad that’s composed of sounds that when strung together form music, and the anaahat naad that’s made up of noises that grate upon your ears, that scratch your ear-drums, that pound upon your head and force those funny contraptions upon your ears(am not being unapologetic here!!!), that are rated ‘unfit for use’ at the end of an unabated exposure to noise.

Noise! Something that’s become a part of everything around me. Everything has a noise associated with it, although you only realize some; the ones that the brain comprehends as ‘Eeep! This isn’t for me!!!’
Here I’ve tried to list some of those on my list of highly abhorred noises…They don’t appear in any particular order.
“I abhor all of you equally, my dear children!”

1) Cartones!
I’ve no clue if that’s what they call them. Pardon me if they aren’t and be happy that my nomenclature isn’t profane… These highly disturbing tunes are classified by some as aahat, although I see them as a sign of insanity. Wonder who taught vehicle-junkies that it’s stylish to put these on while their vehicle’s in the reverse gear. They are heard in stunning varieties, ranging from “Vaseegara” to squirrel-squeaks and from “Fur Elise” to our very own Pushpavanam Kuppusamy! Often misconstrued as a sign of style, they’re better not heard than never.

2) Funky horns!
Ok…driving on the same lane…(sigh…my efforts at pjs are turning out to be as futile as ever!), these noises can be misleading as they’re very often fitted in the wrong vehicles. One had better be careful with these things, for it’s not very uncommon to hear a “BOOM BOOM!” behind you and to see a TVS Champ overtaking you from the left! Sigh!!! They also come in another variety, which by some godawful technology, turns itself on whenever the driver hits the brakes. Techno noise hits your ears!(Note the careful use of the word ‘noise’ in place of ‘music’!)Be prepared to hear the same thing all over again within the next 10 inches of your movement on Mount Road!

3)Nails on a blackboard!
SCREEEEEEEEEEEEETCH!!!!!!! I can already feel it in my auditory nerves!!!!!

4)Crickets( Not the sportive type!)
Noisy nimble footed creatures that jump upon you before you could even warn your friend about their existence in his shoes!(So says CF 2004!Hehehehe!) How I hate ‘em bloody crickets…Bugs that keep creaking in the corner of your room until you drive them out or squash them under your chappal!!!

5)Wind Chimes!
Enter the verandah to enjoy a lovely breeze(that’s oh-so-rare in Madras!) in solitude and there it goes! Ding! Dingalingaling! Ding! I’d rather pull the chimes out than hear them dingaling away!!!

6)The ‘Kummi’ Phenomenon!
Unforgettable! Better defined as raising one’s voice despite the proximity of the listener in order to make oneself heard to someone else in the same room! Practiced by many par excellence!

All that I could remember for the moment…More to come! Keep checking my blogs for further updates!

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me said...

machchan.. first para thangala!!.. anyways .. the rest was sexy!!! the boom boom and the screeeeetch.... i so totally agree!! btw the "friend" was loki!